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*Laboratory experiment on sexual selection and sexual conflict- Looking 
for undergraduate lab assistants (volunteer positions)*


A graduate student in Dr. William Rice's lab is looking for 
undergraduate assistants to help with a large-scale experiment that is 
currently underway. The Rice lab studies evolutionary and population 
genetics using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogster, with a specific 
focus on mating dynamics and the evolution of sexual interactions.


Undergraduate assistance is needed for a project comparing the 
importance of different types of sexual selection (i.e. male-male 
competition for females, female mate choice, male sperm competition, and 
female "sperm choice"). This is an entirely lab-based experiment, 
working exclusively with fruit flies. The majority of assistance will be 
needed during normal working hours, but some work will occur on weekends 
(although only for a couple hours at a time). Workload will average less 
than 5 hours a week, but some weeks will be much busier than others.


It must be emphasized that these are UNPAID positions, but they are 
great for those seeking lab and research experience.
Ideally, we are looking for students who have completed EEMB 2 and have 
a particular interest in sexual biology/evolution/population genetics.


Motivated students will have the opportunity to complete an independent 
research project the following year (a great opportunity for anyone 
considering graduate school!)


If interested, please contact Alison Pischedda 
(_pischedda at lifesci.ucsb.edu_ <mailto:pischedda at lifesci.ucsb.edu>).
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