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Dear Students,


Please see details below for a new ONLINE International Career Guide -- 
use your "umail" account to sign up:


  **//The BIG Guide Online// is a comprehensive interactive web site
  that helps students and young professionals build global career
  skills. //The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas//, on which
  //The Big Guide Online// is based, is known as the world's best
  international career guide.  This year UCSB Career Services is
  offering this 12 month subscription FREE to ALL UCSB STUDENTS!


  *Why Do You Need //The BIG Guide Online//? *

    * The world is flat! 
    * Students are facing a new world of work in today's GLOBAL ECONOMY.
    * International acumen is essential for students and young
      professionals looking to grow their careers.
    * //The BIG Guide to Living and Working Overseas// is the
      authoritative guide to help students and young professionals
      navigate the best career options in the global economy.
    * //The BIG Guide Online// empowers students to build the critical
      global career skills required for future success while attending
      college and after graduation.
    * EMPOWER yourself today!
    * *Subscribe FREE to The BIG Guide Online!
      <http://www.workingoverseas.com/online-buy-us>   Register by going
      to: www.workingoverseas.com/ucsb

*Fill in the form and set up your own personal password by logging on 
with your umail email.  You can return any time and anywhere to the 
site. Log in using*

*the box on top bookmark sections of the guide you need; search employer 
profiles by career field and regional area and print out "how to" guides 
you need.*

*Notice that the bookmarks and search features are under MY SEARCH as 
one of the tabs on top.  MY TOOLS gives you YOUTUBES; HANDOUTS; and MORE.*

  *Career Advice and Contacts in //The BIG Guide//*

//The Big Guide// has what you need to achieve career success!

    */Job Hunting Solutions/*

    */Acquiring International Experience/*

    * Work Abroad
    * Intern Abroad
    * Study Abroad
    * Teach Abroad
    * Teach English Abroad
    * Volunteer Abroad
    * International Studies
    * Scholarships Abroad
    * Short Term Jobs Abroad

    */Living Abroad Effortlessly/*

    */Jobs By Profession/*

    * International Development
    * International Health
    * International Law
    * International Business
    * Spouses Abroad
    * Freelancing Abroad
    * 50+ Workers Abroad
    * College Students
    * Young Professionals
    * Engineers Abroad
    * Teachers Abroad
    * English Teachers Abroad

    */Jobs By Region/*

    * Western Europe
    * Asia
    * Africa
    * South and Central America
    * Australia and New Zealand
    * Easter Europe and Russia
    * The Caribbean

    */Employer Profiles/*




Deb Artz, Internship Coordinator

             UCSB Career Services




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