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The College of Letters and Science Honors Program and Associated Students 
are sponsoring a Presidential Panel Discussion entitled 

    Picking a President: How to Make Sense of your Vote.

The panel is on Thursday, October 23rd at 7pm in Embarcadero Hall. The panel will discuss the nitty 
gritty details of Senator Obama's and Senator McCain's foreign, social, 
environmental, and economic policies and how they might affect the country. 
The panel will be moderated by Professor John Woolley of Political Science, 
and panelists include Professor Gayle Binion, Political Science, Professor 
Eric Smith, Political Science, Professor Benjamin Cohen, Political Science, 
Professor Lisa Hajjar, Law and Society, and Professor Kelly Bedard, 
Economics. There will be a substantial portion dedicated to audience 
participation, so this a great chance for students to cut through the 
rhetoric of the debates and find out the real deal.

Thank you,

Scott McDonald
Student Honors Coordinator
College of Letters and Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
For Appointments: 893-3201

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