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>>Aquatic Biology Students
>>Student assistantships are available as part of long-term study of how
>>local streams influence the kelp forests fringing the Santa Barbara
>>Channel.  Since most of the runoff occurs during the rainy season from
>>November through April and because rain storms are intermittent, the time
>>spent processing samples are irregular.  Other tasks, such as preparing
>>sample bottles and analyzing samples are more regular.  The job will
>>phase in with less time in October and more time in November and beyond.
>>The assistance needed is focused on processing of stream water samples.
>>Water samples brought to the lab must be filtered within a few hours for
>>dissolved nutrients and particulate matter.  This requires standing at a
>>lab bench and transferring water to filtering funnels then to bottles and
>>finally to tubes for analysis. For particulate matter,
>>filters are collected and transferred to petri dishes for subsequent
>>analysis.  Some storms will require measurement of total suspended
>>solids, which involves filtration onto a preweighed filter, which after
>>oven drying, is weighed again on an analytical balance.  Other tasks
>>include bottle washing and labeling and data entry onto spreadsheets.
>>.  During rainy season, large numbers of samples are generated, hence the
>>work can be repetitive.
>>If these logistics are compatible with your schedule and you are
>>interested in the position, please send further information on the
>>laboratory and field classes you have had, any relevant work experience
>>and approximately where you live (e.g., western Goleta, eastern Goleta,
>>downtown Santa Barbara, Ventura).
>>Please email for responses to:
>>Frank Setaro <setaro at lifesci.ucsb.edu>
>Frank Setaro
>Department of Biological Sciences
>University of California
>Santa Barbara,  CA  93106
>(805) 893-4203

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