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*Santa Barbara** Coastal Long Term Ecological Research Project (SBC 
LTER) -- Watershed Group looking for undergraduate field assistants 
(paid positions)*


The SBC LTER is looking for undergraduate field assistants to assist 
with watershed biogeochemistry and hydrology research in coastal Santa 
Barbara County watersheds.  Biogeochemistry is an interdisciplinary 
science that deals with the identification of the source, movement, 
transformation, fate, and cycling of biologically-important compounds in 
the environment.  The SBC LTER is a National Science Foundation project 
examining the influence of land and ocean processes on the structure and 
function of the nearshore kelp forest ecosystem.  The Watershed Group 
characterizes terrestrial nutrient and sediment delivery to the Santa 
Barbara Channel by measuring continuous water discharge, dissolved and 
particulate nutrient fractions, and suspended sediments in coastal 
streams.  Undergraduate assistance is needed in conducting storm and 
non-storm stream chemistry sampling, storm and non-storm discharge 
measurements, stream morphological surveying, and field equipment repair 
and set-up.


It must be emphasized that these are an ON-CALL positions when it 
rains.  Due to the unpredictability of our winter weather, you will be 
notified at least 1-2 days in advance of impending storm systems, but 
every effort will be made to provide more advanced notice when 
possible.  Many of these storms occur overnight, and you will be 
expected to assist with some of these overnight sampling campaigns.  A 
personal vehicle is necessary (you will be reimbursed for mileage).


If interested, please contact Blair Goodridge: bgoodridge at bren.ucsb.edu\ 
<mailto:bgoodridge at bren.ucsb.edu>

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