[Biology-U-L] Former UCSB Pharm undergrad shares in today's Nobel Prize award in Physiology or Medicine

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By now you have all heard today's announcement news of the Nobel Prize 
in Physiology or Medicine, which was awarded to Liz Blackburn, Carol 
Greider, and Jack Szostak.  The department of MCD Biology is honored to 
be associated with two of these scientists and will be posting a news 
announcement of our connections to this Nobel prize on our departmental 

We are honored to be associated with Liz through her years of 
collaboration with Ed Orias.  Liz was the keynote speaker at the MCDB 
departmental retreat less than three weeks ago. For those who were not 
at the retreat, Liz presented a tribute to Ed to honor his 50 years of 
service to UCSB and described the key importance of his research on 
Tetrahymena genetics to the development of her own discoveries in 
telomere biology.

Carol Greider carried out her undergraduate studies at UCSB.  Her 
research career started in Les Wilson's lab before she moved to Berkeley 
to work with Liz.  Les and his laboratory provided the foundations for 
Carol's career and her interest in cell biology.

On behalf of the entire department, I would like to congratulate not 
only Liz and Carol, but also Ed and Les for their important 
contributions to the careers of these two Nobelists.

With admiration, Joel

*Dr. Joel H. Rothman
*Professor and Chair
Department of MCD Biology
Biomolecular Science and Engineering Program
and Neuroscience Research Institute
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9610

(805)893-7885 phone
(805)893-2005 fax
rothman at lifesci.ucsb.edu
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