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*New Course for the Fall (2010) Quarter!!*

*EEMB 167. Applied Freshwater Ecology*

*Professors: Brad Cardinale, Scott Cooper
/Minimal prerequisites: only EEMB 2, EEMB 3 are required!/*


_Course description:_ The quantity and quality of available freshwater 
are expected to be the greatest challenges facing humanity in the next 
century.  Because of the critical importance of freshwater to humanity 
and global biodiversity, there is a growing job market for graduates who 
are familiar with freshwater systems and their environmental problems.  
This course explores the scientific bases for environmental change in 
freshwater ecosystems, their consequences for modern society, and 
ongoing efforts to find solutions to these challenges.  The class is 
divided into three parts:  Part 1 explores the current State of Our 
Planet, with an introduction to many of the world's most pressing 
environmental problems.  Part 2 explores the scientific details of these 
environmental problems, including emerging pollutants (such as hormone 
mimics, biocides, nanoparticles, and genetically engineered organisms), 
species invasions and extinctions, climate change, ozone depletion, acid 
deposition, dam construction and other hydrological alterations,  metal 
contamination, sewage inputs and eutrophication, and land use changes, 
with a particular focus on freshwater habitats like lakes, streams, and 
wetlands.  Part 3 asks what we can do about these problems, with 
lectures on conservation, restoration, and public policy.


In addition to lectures, the course has weekly discussions where 
students gain hands-on experience with analyzing _real_ data that comes 
from _real_ studies that have dealt with _real_ environmental problems!  
A pilot version of this course was offered  in fall, 2009, with student 
participants commenting:


/"I loved this class!  Both lecturers kept the class engaged."/

/"Very practical, cutting edge course."/

/"Great class!  Time always seems to fly by!"/


Space is limited, and each computer discussion only has room for 20 
students.  Given this topical opportunity, please be sure to add the 
course to your schedule as soon as Fall registration re-opens!



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