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The Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research program 
(SBC-LTER http://sbc.lternet.edu/) is looking for 10-12 responsible 
upper or lower division undergraduates who are interested in getting 
marine research experience.  Studies focus on monitoring ocean and giant 
kelp forest ecosystems along the Southern California Bight in response 
to coastal runoff.  Duties will be based on experience level, and 
include sample processing, data entry, boat based water sample 
collection, and conducting kelp surveys using SCUBA.  Both upper and 
lower division units are available to qualified students.  Paid 
positions will be available to exceptional volunteers after initial year 
of training and 2-3 paid internships are available every summer to 
exceptional and dedicated interns.  This a great way for students 
interested in marine science to get a foot in the door and experience 
ecological research in a fun setting.  To apply, fill out attached 
application and return with printed weekly school schedule to room 3003 
on the 3L floor of the Marine Science Research Building (MSRB).  
Positions are often filled quickly and prompt return of applications 
with printed school schedule is encouraged.  Please email Shannon Harrer 
harrer at msi.ucsb.edu <mailto:harrer at msi.ucsb.edu> with any questions. 



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