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FYI: Not major applicable, but a great opportunity.


Hello EEMB Bio honors students,
I wanted to let you know that there is space available in my winter 
field ecology course in the College of Creative Studies, and you are 
welcome to enroll.  The description is here 
and inserted below.  If it looks interesting to you and fits in your 
schedule, I'd love to have you join us!  Feel free to email me with any 
questions about the course.

*BIOLOGY CS 101, Section 1 * 	*EC # 02899* 	

Ecologists investigate the workings of the natural world, and most would 
agree that what makes ecology most exciting is direct involvement with 
the organisms and their habitat, by making first-hand observations. A 
course in field ecology offers students the opportunity to observe 
nature directly rather than through descriptions in books.

In this course we will visit both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, to 
make observations, and conduct experiments. Field sites may include 
chaparral, oak woodland, dunes, salt marsh, sandy beach and rocky 
intertidal. We will learn how to design and carry-out studies in field 
ecology, by learning how to identify patterns in nature, how to ask 
questions and develop hypotheses, how to collect and analyze data, and 
how to use library resources. At the end of the quarter students will 
design a group or independent project to address a question of their 
choosing, collect their own data, and present findings. The course 
consists of one 3-hour lab/field trip per week, plus a one hour 
discussion. Normative number of units for this course is four.

*_PREREQUISITE: Introductory Biology series, which may be taken 
concurrently, or permission of the instructor_*

Instructor(s): **Claudia Tyler**
Time(s): **Tuesday, 1:00 pm - 1:50 pm; Thursday, 1:00 pm - 3:50 pm**
Place(s): **Bldg. 494, Rm. 160B**

Claudia Tyler
Asst. Research Biologist
ICESS, University of CA
Santa Barbara,  CA  93106-3060
tyler at lifesci.ucsb.edu

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