UC Education Abroad Program

EAP Logo Students are fortunate to have available to them the premier study abroad program in the country. UC's Education Abroad Program has 247 programs in 150 universities worldwide, in 35 countries on six continents. EAP enables students to spend some period of their academic career -- a year, a semester, a quarter or summer term --studying abroad. While abroad they remain fully enrolled UC students.

Best of all, there is no question of transferring units to their home campus -- all courses taken through EAP are accepted as UC courses and carry UC units and grades. (Major and General Education credit are determined by your major department and college.) EAP students pay their normal UC fees and receive any financial aid as if they were studying on their home campus. This year over 700 UCSB students will study abroad through EAP. They join over 4000 other UC students from across the eight undergraduate campuses of the university. To begin the process follow these steps:

  1. Investigate UC-EAP on the web and determine what Universities, Programs, and courses might interest you.
  2. Meet with a Biology advisor to see how these courses fit into your UC and Major requirements and obtain advice on how to get the most academic credit from your experience.
  3. Apply to the UC EAP Program
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